Soon, STASSA – S. Tiago Associação de Solidariedade Social de Areias, in Santo Tirso, will offer more quality of life and comfort to the elderly in the municipality. The residential unit of this institution is being expanded. The project, authored by our office, currently in the 2nd phase, is proceeding at a good pace. «It is the purpose of this project to establish as conditions for full integration and respect for the citizen who uses this building, specifically those who are under permanent residence.» – guaranteed architect José António Lopes.

So far, several construction phases have been carried out based on a pre-existing building, with a historical basis for the local community. The intervention consists, generally, in the construction of a new building, adjacent to the current complex, and intended, mainly, for the expansion of the institution’s residential valence, in order to ensure the valences and organic functions in operation in the institution.



When the interventions are completed (it is expected to happen by the end of 2019), STASSA will offer 18 more new beds and will be more accessible: it will allow the use of the building to any and all citizens with disabilities or not, as a user or on a regular basis. provision of services, thus avoiding all architectural barriers to conditioned mobility, promoting the principles of autonomy and functional independence, one of the values of the architectural firm.



The contract is located in the central area of ​​the parish of Areias, with the building facing the west, where the institution is located. The land that was the object of the intervention was, in large part, the backyard of a vacant single-family dwelling, the extreme east of it, flat and level, without a large vegetation cover.

The new building has a gross construction area of ​​860.6 m2, presenting itself as a complement to the organic and functional organization chart of the existing main unit, which, after this consolidation action, will result in a new consolidated building of 1,263 m2 and with three floors.

The ad quadratum arquitectos office assumes: “enhancing the use and enjoyment of the equipped built structure, enhancing the great human capital and the institution’s experience with the user community, raising the level of service and complementing it with the strengthening of the residential valence, a has long been felt as urgent, alleviating the great needs felt and documented ”.


STASSA – S. Tiago, Areias Social Solidarity Association

S. Tiago, Areias Social Solidarity Association is a Private Social Solidarity institution (IPSS), in the parish of Areias, in the municipality of Santo Tirso. It arose from the need to respond to social need, at the level of the Elderly, in the parishes of Areias, Palmeira, Sequeirô and Lama.

The institution was constituted on November 26, 1996, by a group of founders and was recognized as a collective person of public benefit on March 3, 2000. On February 28, 1997, the Areais Parish Council donated the vacant building of the former primary school, today the headquarters of STASSA, where the Day Care and Home Support centers operate. It works with the aim of minimizing the effects of social exclusion, through the provision of services within the scope of social support.


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