The study and development of the urbanistic study in S. Martinho do Campo is supported by na urbanistic and architectonic thought that this process initiates, characterizingit in a synthetic way.

The embryonic urban proposal presented here observes as regulatory framework the urbanistic assumptions of the Municipal Master Plan in force, namely the strict compliance with the provisions of the Planning and Management Operational Unit defined for the site- UOPG 7 -S. Martinho do Campo, as defined in the plans and Regulations of the PDM- Article 99.

The proposal of the urban study in S. Martinho do Campo presented here contributes decisively to the achievement of the planning objectives invoked for this UOPG, namely:

  1. Strengthening the urban centrality of the village of S. Martinho do Campo
  2. Restructuring of the road network and requalification of public spaces
  3. Providing equipments and services
  4. Definition of central áreas destined for multi-family and multifunctional buildings and the consolidation of the existing urban network
  5. Reconversion of abandoned industrial áreas inserted in the central zone of the village into housing áreas and compatible activities
  6. Identification, protection and valorization of natural elements and built patrimony in the UOPG area and definition of urban green spaces, reinforcing and consolidating the Municipal Ecological Structure

The proposal presented is considered balance and in line with the conditions imposed by the PDM in force for the site. The current revision process should not depreciate this potential of urban qualification of the village of S. Martinho do Campo, ensuring that if the parameters are revised, this will ensure conditions to strengthen of the location.