The building in question is located between Rua da Banda de Música da Trofa and Alameda da Estação, right in the civic center of the city of Trofa.

The intention to license is aimed at building a new construction, therefore proposing the complete demolition of the pre-existing buildings in the identified urban building.

Ensuring the observance of dominant alignments and the filling of the existing gable (parameters in line with those approved in the PIP) the urban proposal formulated here proposes a building consisting of 6 floors above the threshold level – ground floor and five floors – and 2 floors below this – cellars exclusively for own parking and technical areas.

Adequacy of the building for the intended use

The proposed building is suitable for the intended use, which is configured as a housing program on the floors, commercial on the ground floor and car park in the two basements, thus ensuring the regulatory parameters for the dimensioning and quantification of parking, as provided for in Article 46. º of the PDM Regulation.



The built set is characterized by five floors (floors) for housing functions, in typological dimensions corresponding to a total of 10 T3 units, 2 T0 units and 4 T2 apartments, in a total of 16 fractions.

The ground floor, in addition to the vertical access functions, provides for a commercial space with open fronts to the three facades.