Santo Tirso, 2020

The architectural proposal presented here is a single-family house with a garage and utility room, kitchen and toilet, dining and common room, guest room/office. All on the ground floor. On the top floor are four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a wardrobe space.



The outdoors arrangements proposed here are essentially aimed at providing conditions for full private use of the spaces surrounding the building, in an adequate integration of its functions and uses.

A slight modeling of the terrain is expected, maintaining the dominant slope and slopes. In the back garden surfaces subject to car access are considered, as well as footpaths and planted areas, namely with diverse trees, meadows and lawns, hedges, and shrubby complexes.



Within the framework of best practices and the reference legal and regulatory framework, namely Decree-Law 163/2006 of 8 August, the proposal ensures the accessible use and enjoyment of the main living spaces, whether indoors or outdoors, ensuring that its full use can be made by users with reduced mobility.