A building currently in ruins, built in the second half of the XIX century, in an autonomous property, adjacent to the Thermal Park of Melgaço.

Considering an area of approximately 11,900 m2 and a construction area estimated at 4,500 m2 of expansion and 1,800 m2 of rehabilitation of existing structures, the process foresees the structuring of a hotel unit under the Hotel-Boutique concept, geared towards the rating of 4 stars, which is based essentially on the reconstruction of the existing (now left to ruin) building that will be dedicated to hosting, accommodating and other social functions, and also on the expansion of new buildings, arranged along several wings of rooms (44 units).

The whole intervention is oriented towards the observance of the principles of environmental sustainability. Within this framework, the project assumes the purpose of great landscape integration, proposing the creation of spaces that allow close proximity and communion with the natural elements of the surrounding area.