OPORTO, 2009

Project to improve and rehabilitate a set of buildings located in the historic centre of Oporto, whose initial settlement dates back to the XVI Century. Currently in an advanced state of degradation, this functional program aims to create social and economic dynamics for the revitalization of the city’s centre, thus answering the ambitious urban policies strategy. The project articulates housing and office typologies with commercial areas and an extense underground parking. The buildings form a large corner block, currently occupied by precarious and uncharacteristic constructions. Considering the context, the intervention aims to revitalize and turn the entire block’s interior space into a public area, where a patio provides ventilation and solar exposition to the building’s inner facades. The intervention will recover and rehabilitate architectural elements of recognized heritage value, giving “a new existence” to vacant spaces, while promoting suitable conditions of comfort, safety, accessibility and new infrastructures, within a contemporary context.