The intervention is characterized by the deep requalification of the existing building complex, complemented by the construction of substantial areas to expand the installed industrial process (from 2,800m2 to 7,000m2).

With a total of more than 3,500 m2 of gross construction area in buildings to be remodelled and built from scratch, the project also considers the planning and qualification of around 11,600 m2 of outdoor spaces.

The design process will sensitively and rationally articulate the requalification of the pre-existing building, adapting it to the new and more modern demands of industrial processes, configuring solutions of great environmental sustainability, both in terms of building performance, comfort, and well-being of its users.

The high technological level of the equipment to be installed, as well as the production’s goals and objectives, set a high-performance industrial process that enhances the challenges of improving existing buildings as well as the native characteristics of the new buildings to be considered.

The design of a new storage area, optimized and standardized by the most recent efficiency patterns, combines the large volumetric characteristics, the enhancement of the new building complex with the mark of an expressive and notorious intervention in the company’s corporate image.

The new logistical, organic, and access-control system is also reflected in the outdoor spaces, new and regulated areas for the circulation and parking of heavy and light vehicles, whether in support of the industrial process or intended for employees and visitors.

The entire complex will be emblematically marked by a new administrative building, which will take on the leading role of the facade facing the main access streets, thus characterizing the new face of the company’s built complex.

The industrial project is a place of committed response to the demanding environmental characteristics (indoors and outdoors) that this built set is subject to, as well as a set of versatile and evolving solutions in adequate compatibility with the growth and constant modernization of manufacturing processes, packaging, warehousing, and shipping, pursuing, and maintaining the highest quality standards of joint responses.