Trofa, 2020

The intervention is aimed at the deep requalification and rehabilitation of the building to be used as a Residential Home for the users of the APPACDM of Trofa. This proposal characterizes the Prior Information Request for the legalization and alteration of the main building and fencing walls to be carried out in lot 16A of the subdivision permit number 25/80 located at Rua S. João Bosco number 141 of Trofa.

The site of the claim is currently largely occupied by a building with three floors (ground floor and two floors) and several patios.

The building complex is practically empty and without any occupation, clearly showing signs of degradation and damage resulting from construction deficiencies and lack of use/maintenance.

The interior spaces will be distributed in strict compliance with the applicable regulatory and legal framework, namely, ordinance number 59/2015 of 2 March:

  1. Reception;
  2. Management and administrative services;
  3. Facilities for Professionals;
  4. Living spaces and activities;
  5. Sanitary facilities;
  6. Refectory;
  7. Accommodation;
  8. Kitchen;
  9. Laundry;
  10. Support Services.