Vila Velha de Ródão, 2022

The urbanistic proposal, as well as the architectural proposal, of the allotment of Avenida da Serra, in the minicipality of Vila Velha de Ródão, taken in its identified typological variants, is considered adequate and qualified for the intended use, which is exclusively residential.

The rationality of the solutions, both formal and spatial, fits with qualitative added value in the parameters of controlled cost construction, marking the configuration of a diverse, but linguistically unified set, generating urbanity and bringing qualities of use and public enjoyment to residentes and visitors.

The main object of this proposal is the execution of a set of single-family dwellings of variable typology to be designed and built under a Controlled Cost regime, according to technical standards, regulations, and applicable legislation.

The proposal consigns, therefore, as the firts urban operation the execution of na Urban Allotment operation, considering the reparcelling of several buildings, all privately owned by the municipality of Vila Velha de Ródão. This allotment operation proposes the configuration of three lots, each facing the enabling streets perimeter to the land. Complementarily, the operation consigns the configuration of several areas of cession destined to the endowment of green spaces and collective use, sidewalks, parking bays and spaces for collective use equipments.

From a typological point of view, the architectual soluction for the urbanization of the Avenida da Serra plot presents three variants, namely: a solution of three bedroom houses (detached or semi-detached) with a side entrance, a solution of two bedroom houses (semi-detached), and a soluction of three bedroom houses (semi-detached) with a top entrance.

From the construction point of view, all the design and detailing was developed for the implementation of good performance solutions at low cost, characterized by the adoption of materials and systems that ensure good levels of insulation and termal inertia, giving high levels of energy certification with savings in consumption and use.

In addition to termal comfort and indoor air quality, the detailing and construction systems in the Avenida da Serra subdividion project also ensure a high level of acoustic performance, not only in terms of controlling airborne and structural sound propagation, but also between interior spaces and to and from the exterior.