The IMPORTTANA Stand was designed for the International Fair of Madagascar held from 23rd to 26th May 2013. This exhibition’s stand was composed by four Portuguese business groups: Cerealis, Sumol-Compal, Imperial and Vieira de Castro.

The stand’s organization ensured an equal representation of each company, under the insignia of the local representative. Besides the sober solution to support product display and appreciation of various brands, the stand also allowed for the organization of a tasting space for the promotion of products, brands and references. It also had an area for small, informal meetings and a small storage room equipped with storage room, commercial and promotional materials.

Of simple modular structure and extensive use of common and easily adaptable materials, the whole set also had as a condition to the design, the promotion of the external image of Portugal, using suspended screens as a literal allusion to the nautical sails and colors of the national flag.