Under the Revive Nature Fund,  the public tenders are now opening for the rehabilitation of 17 properties. This is the allocation of exploration rights over real estate in the Railway Public Domain, related to stations based at the municipalities of Valença, Freixo de Espada a Cinta, Mogadouro, Torre de Moncorvo, Beja, Sousel and Lousã and also a forest house in the municipality of Figueira da Foz.

The purpose is that this state built heritage, a total of 17 properties, be subject to rehabilitation and enhancement, promoting regional and local development, of new uses for tourism purposes.

  • “Casa Florestal do Sul”, municipality of Figueira da Foz
  • “Estação da Lousã”, municipality of Lousã
  • “Estação de Bruçó”, municipality of Mogadouro
  • “Estação de Felgar e Estação de Fonte do Prado”, municipality of Torre de Moncorvo
  • “Estação de Freixo de Espada à Cinta”, municipality of Freixo De Espada à Cinta
  • “Estação de Ganfei e Estação da Senhora da Cabeça”, municipality of Valença
  • “Estação de Mogadouro”, municipality of  Mogadouro
  • “Estação de Moncorvo”, municipality of Torre de Moncorvo
  • “Estação de Represas”, municipality of Beja
  • “Estação de Serpins”, municipality of Lousã
  • “Estação de Sousel”, municipality of Sousel
  • “Estação de Urrós”, municipality of Mogadouro
  • “Estação de Variz”, municipality of Mogadouro
  • “Estação de Vilar do Rei”, municipality of Mogadouro
  • “Estação do Carvalhal”, municipality of Torre de Moncorvo

«The Revive Nature assumes itself as a possibility that these properties, which have been vacant for years, can be the target of new redevelopment projects and thus give rise to projects such as accommodation services, restaurants, equipment and entertainment and leisure activities, with characteristics inovative and sustainable. In addition to the fact the redevelopment will contribute to boost the territories, as their economies.», refers the architect José António Lopes.

Applications are open and with different closing dates, which you can access here.


The Revive Nature Fund may grant financing to entities to whom it will grant the right of property ownership.

Our CEO, José António Lopes, has a particular knowledge and taste in the subject of heritage requalification and enhancement, deepened in his post-graduate studies in the Course of Advanced Studies in Architectural Heritage (CEAPA), by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto.

José António Lopes is an architect and consultant with proven experience in cooperation programs/financing tools.

If you are interested or have any questions, you can send us a message through .



Launched by the Government, the Revive Nature Fund is a new resource to enhance the value of vacant public assets, which aims to reconcile their recovery, and preserve with new uses that benefit local communities, conservation and local residents.

The Fund is sponsered by the Tourism Funds and is owned by The State Institute for Nature Conservation and Tourism of Portugal.

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