Projeto “Melgaço Tem Pop-up”

The project “Melgaço Tem Pop-up”, coordinated by the architect José António Lopes, is recognized throughout Europe, specifically by the main responsible of URBACT, European program of territorial cooperation, collective learning and exchange of experiences around the promotion sustainable and integrated urban development. The initiative aims to boost the urban center of the town of Melgaço.

“Thank you Melgaço for your work, effort and excellent results! It’s amazing to see what you’ve done since we (officially) started in December! [Thank you Melgaço for your work, your commitment and excellent results! It is amazing to see what you have done since we officially started in December] ”, write the people responsible for URBACT on their official Facebook page.


What are Pop-Up’s?

“Pop-Up is an award-winning tool that has already been tested across Europe and its main objective is to revive urban centers that show a prolonged decline due to the lack of commercial animation”, José António Lopes explained at the time to the Radio Vale do Minho.

The strategy mainly involves the temporary occupation of vacant commercial spaces. “This store is going to be the anchor of the project. A place not only for information but also for the meeting of the working group. A space that will serve shopkeepers who do not have the capacity to occupy a store on their own and who want to share a space in the form of co-sales ”, said the architect.

Across Europe, in addition to Melgaço, there are still seven more cities / towns implementing this program, which has proven to be a success. The city of Altena, Germany, is where the best results come from. “It turns out to be the best solution for traditional commerce because those who come to such a store do not come to compete,” said José António Lopes. “But the simple fact that we have lively streets, with busy stores, makes the streets more lively and everyone benefits from it. It’s a win-win solution! ”, Concluded the coordinator.


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