Speaking to Magazine Imobiliário, the architect José António Lopes, CEO of ad quadratum arquitectos, talks about the challenges that the firm has faced over these 20 years. He speaks of a studio that knew how to adapt to new technologies and where industrial architecture is a passion.

The commitment to the solid training of our employees, with a vast and varied professional practice, with an ethical stance oriented towards the quality of projects and works, has been constituted as the strategy to leverage the company during these 20 years of existence.

A portfolio of projects to be proud of

Our office has in its portfolio reference works such as the partial recovery and rehabilitation of Convento do Beato after a tragic fire, but there are many projects and works in different areas: industrial, institutional, housing, hotel architecture, among others.


«We have always been challenged with management projects and intensive monitoring of all administrative and technical processes complementary to practice and architecture. Projects in the area of industrial architecture with emphasis on specificities in the food industry, intervention projects in buildings of heritage interest and classified heritage and projects for analysis, interpretation and performance on territorial issues (territorial planning, planning and urbanism). Consolidated practice in very specific aspects of architecture, which require theoretical and scientific knowledge combined with the experience of 20 years of design. »


The works that gave us the greatest pleasure

«The experience in industrial architecture is striking and differentiating in our office. Rehabilitating and expanding, building from scratch, responding to demands and technological developments is a great stimulus for us. In our portfolio we find several industrial customers, important brands such as Cerealis, Frezite or Hotelar. It is in industrial projects that we find the greatest professional challenges. One of my first jobs, as soon as I finished the course, was the intervention in an industrial building in Águas Santas, in Maia. It was a huge professional and personal challenge. It forced me, from the outset, to have the proper structure in the office and disciplinary and personal stature. The various industrial projects, carried out over the years, collect a portfolio of which I am very proud. The industrial customer has two characteristics that I like very much: first, his mind. An industrialist wants something very precise, because the program is always very conditioned in technical and process terms. The idea that we are more conditioned in creative terms may appear, which is not true, because I believe that the more conditions we have, the greater the stimulus with which we work. Second is the confidence they place in our work, since they remain faithful to those who carry out successful projects, which is great for the firm.

The challenges are the projects we aspire to do and one of the industrial projects that I am currently developing is a personal and professional challenge: a major intervention in the reconditioning and restructuring of an exponentially growing industrial unit: the requalification and expansion of the industrial complex of ARMIPEX. »


What inspires us?

«To provide adequate and quality responses, always with a perspective of innovation and creativity.»


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